MEET OUR FAVORITE BLOGGERS has started a little over a week ago and is getting bigger and bigger by the day. The first blogger that we met with was Michele (check her blog here) as she introduced us to one of the most exclusive boutiques in Aarhus, Alrø&Høgh. We gave each blogger the possibility to choose a favorite location and Michele invited us to a shopping session in her favorite store, where they have international and exclusive brands (as IRO, Joseph, Magali Pascal, Majestic) that one cannot find anywhere else in Aarhus. To get to know Michele a little better, we invite you to read the short interview that we had with her, as well as to discover the details of the two outfits that she chose for the day.

Many thanks to Michele for being so easy to work with and to Susanne and Lone for welcoming us in their store!



SAHB: Tell us a bit about your morning beauty routine.

MICHELE: As a mom of 2 small children, it has to go fast in the morning!:)…But I like to take care of my skin. As a fashion blogger, stylist and personal shopper and freelance designer, I must inspire and a be a role model for many women. I want to appear as natural as possible, and therefore I am not wearing a lot of makeup, and the makeup I use is as “eco friendly” as possible. I use Rudolph products for cleansing my skin as well as its day cream, Medex for their anti-aging serum, and once a week their mask. For makeup, I have now been using for many years Tromborg – eye shadows, Nuxe – tainted cream, Chanel and Yves Saint Laurent – especially the concealer Touche Eclat.


SAHB: Where do you get your inspiration when creating an outfit?

MICHELE: From everywhere and nowhere! Art, Fashion, Music, my dreams (literally) & my imagination… Also from the steeet, I love walking downtown and observing people, but also from the social media as instagram, pinterest, Danish & international bloggers … I also receive my French Elle every week by post – as a big source of inspiration to me…And of course as soon as I can, I travel…I love travelling, it’s like “breathing” again when I travel!:)


SAHB: Describe your personal style in three words.

MICHELE: French chic with a cool and raw touch. “Paris meets the Scandinavian minimalism”.

SAHB: Have you ever experienced a wardrobe malfunction in public?

MICHELE: Yes many times, I think for us women, we have a tendency to compare ourselves too much to others, and I have many times felt that – for example at a gathering, party or event – the other women were better dressed than I was!.) It is not because my wardrobe malfunctions but mostly handles about a feeling inside me that I am not “trendy” enough 🙂


SAHB: Is there a fashion rule that you will never break?

MICHELE: I am always true to my style and my age. I am never overdressed.

SAHB: What’s your guilty pleasure?

MICHELE: Shoes & Beauty products. And bags, if I were rich 🙂


SAHB: When did you feel the proudest as a fashion blogger?

MICHELE: As I started blogging in 2012, it mostly was for my customers that I have as a personal stylist and shopper, but quickly I got more readers and my blog developed fast the past year. Now I have also become part of Fashion Unit, as one of the 10 most inspiring fashion bloggers in Aarhus, and I am very proud of that!

I like to write articles about my life, my tips, my kids, but also about other great interesting people, as designers, shops and so on. I like to write deep articles!

The next step for me and my blog: I am working on a brand new blog interface and name – that still will keep my DNA – the new look with support me in my carrier (also internationally)!..I am very excited about this project..More to come very soon!


SAHB: When is the last time you laughed your heart out?

MICHELE: Last week, watching a French comedy on TV. My boyfriend said, that he had never heard my laughed so loud before!:).

IMG_8701 IMG_8715

Outfit 1 details:

Blue shirt from Rails

Jeans: IRO Jeans from Paris

Necklace: handmade in Italy – Brand: Sveva

Sandals: See by Chloé

My own Bracelet from Anni LU

Ring with pearl from my mother


Outfit 2 details:

Knit top from Forte Forte

White Jeans IRO Paris

Golden Sandals  See by Chloé

Earrings JEWLS CPH

Leather shopper Høgh (Alrø&Høgh own brand)