Michelle Nielsen

Hello peeps! Long time no see… We are sorry for that, life hit us way too hard after the holidays and it just took us a longer than expected while to get back on track. And now our latest excuse is Copenhagen fashion week, starting January 28. This means that fashion bloggers all over Denmark are coming to the capital, and since the world is so small, or at least this country is, we bumped into one of our faves from Aarhus, Michelle from Stonemuse. Back in the summer, we took her out for a photo shoot and a chit chat, as part of our Meet the Bloggers project. So here you have her talking about what she does best, fashion and style, and don’t forget to check her blog out, you’ll be hooked!


SAHB: Tell us a bit about your morning beauty routine.

I get up every day an hour before I head out the door. I usually shower at night because my hair takes forever to dry because it’s so thick. I love MAC and I wouldn’t use anything else on my face – I use their moisturizer, foundation, finishing powder, blush and loads of mascara, everyday.
My motto is “once you go MAC you never go back”, ha ha.


SAHB: Where do you get your inspiration when creating an outfit?

I love sitting at coffee shops (to drink coffee) and just watch people walk by on the street – especially in Copenhagen where everybody is much more dressed up when they go out in public. I love that! And then there’s street style blogs of course.. I could spend hours looking through those.


SAHB: Describe your personal style in three words.

My style is very sporty and boy-ish but also very feminine because of my long hair and mascara lashes.

SAHB: Have you ever experienced a wardrobe malfunction in public?

Hmm… I bet that I have, a lot of times, but nothing specific comes to mind!


SAHB: Is there a fashion rule that you will never break?

I don’t really know. I have learned that you should never say never when it comes to fashion. Kinda like the slipper trend right now; a couple of years ago, I wouldn’t be seen with a pair in public – now I have three pairs and I wear them all the time.

SAHB: What’s your guilty pleasure?

I would be happy to eat fries with aioli everyday. Every single day.


SAHB: When did you feel the proudest as a fashion blogger?

I don’t really know beaucse there’s so many – but the latest was when I reached 4000 followers on Bloglovin’ a few days ago. I still remember when I reached 100 followers back in the day and I was so happy about it.

IMG_9457 IMG_9464

SAHB: When is the last time you laughed your heart out?

After dancing all night at a concert here in Aarhus, a friend and I walked home together in our heels, and I fell in a hole filled with sand. Backwards. On my back. We couldn’t stop laughing!