MOEBE Copenhagen

Scandinavian design, minimalism and innovation are among the first things that come to mind when we think about Denmark. And the numerous art galleries, design museums and showrooms that one finds in almost every Danish city come as a gentle reminder of this country’s position as a leader in the design industry, whether it’s fashion, interior or architecture. I remember how I used to walk along Vestergade in Aarhus and be mesmerised by how many galleries and workshops there were, and the same happens every time I’m on Bredgade, right in the centre of Copenhagen, where many historical mansions host art galleries and design showrooms.

One of such showrooms that I visited a few weeks ago is MOEBE, a new Scandinavian brand, whose designs are impossible not to fall in love with. Simple and creative, the designers and architects at Moebe use raw materials to give shape and functionality to the beautiful objects you can see here, and in their catalogue. Staying true to their Danish origins, Moebe are all about keeping things simple and beautiful, with a touch of playfulness. Keeping my fingers away from dismantling their designs and then putting them back together wasn’t easy at all. I would say that it’s impossible to be bored at home or at the office when you are surrounded with these little objects. After all, who’s ever bored when they have a mirror?

Find a list of the objects in this post below 😉

IMG_1659 IMG_1649 IMG_1654 IMG_1645 IMG_1664 IMG_1640 IMG_1657 IMG_1633

  1. FRAME OAK consists of two pieces of acrylic glass, four pieces of oak and a rubber band
  2. ORGANISE does what is says – it lets you organise your things
  3. MIRROR is a frame-less free standing mirror held by a lightweight metal wireform
  4. CANDLELIGHT aims to combine the aesthetic and tectonic qualities of material, form and design
  5. SIDE TABLE is designed to be able to move at a moments notice. To be by your sofa, your bed, your desk
  6. PINCH consists of two pieces of solid oak and a single rubber band
  7. The POLYGRIF is a customizable creation that transforms through the touch of your hands

In the pictures I’m wearing a Zara dress, vintage denim vest and Bally oxford shoes. The other fabulous pair of sandals are from &Other Stories and belong to my friend Morgane 🙂