They say it is a sad colour. But as one of my favourite colours, I’m super happy that I see more and more blue around the city of London this winter. And this is the case in SAHB’s other home, Copenhagen. Once in a few years I have a colour crush and since 3 years ago it is navy blue. Here I have taken these shots just before I went away to LA and Mexico (watch out for updates soon!), with the newest addition to my winter coats stash. A bit of a change for me, wearing a long coat…I always thought a long coat would make my figure even more tiny :P, but I enjoy the warmth my legs receive especially on a windy winter day like this!

Lot’s of love! C.


London_30.12.2015 - 65 London_30.12.2015 - 47 London_30.12.2015 - 32 London_30.12.2015 - 23 London_30.12.2015 - 61 London_30.12.2015 - 49  London_30.12.2015 - 63 London_30.12.2015 - 13 London_30.12.2015 - 71


Coat and backpack from ZARA, AW 2015-2016 collection

Jeans from TOPSHOP