Oh, how I love breakfasts! The only meal of the day I’m actually excited about, from when I have to shop for it, make it, and of course, to when I finally get to enjoy it. I had been craving for a porridge ever since I came to Romania, and today I finally had the time to make one. The recipe is super simple, takes no longer than a few minutes and will keep you full and energised throughout the morning. Hope you enjoy it!

IMG_9863IMG_9855 IMG_9858


1 cup of your preferred  milk

4-5 tbs oats

2 tea spoons honey

+ lots of cinnamon

Bring them all to boil while stirring and leave to cool down for 5 minutes, while the oats will fully absorb the milk. Pour in a bowl and decorate with banana slices and you favourite berries. I used strawberries and blackcurrant.