My Miracle Workers

So…I’ve discovered Kiehl’s and I must tell you all about it, because their products are lifesavers for my skin. I’ve always had problems with my skin: break-outs, dilated pores, blemishes, blackheads and so on. I tried so many types of products, went to dermatologists, changed diets and nothing seemed to work until Kiehl’s came along. They offered a free skin screening and gave me some samples to try on. It only took two weeks to see the results and I’m hooked!


Kiehl’s is an American brand which started as a pharmacy in 1851, therefore offering the best combination of  design and naturally-derived ingredients.  You can read more about Kiehl’s  here.

The three products that you see in the photos, my super-heros, are: a cleanser, a tonic and an over-night biological peel mask. The cleanser is wonderful for me ( combination skin) and contains Amazonian White Clay particles which gently remove toxins, surface debris and deeply cleans the skin.  At the same time it’s not too rough, not like a normal scrub cleanser,  it’s gentle and feels great. Together with the tonic they make a perfect team.  The tonic mattifies the skin, minimises the pores and controls shine, which is exactly what I need, because I used to feel like a lightbulb! Not funny! 🙂

Last but not least the Biological Peel that works its magic over night uses the enzyme activator, urea, and stimulates cell renewal as well as hydrates thirsty skin, especially in the winter months. Best thing about it ( for me at least) is that you don’t need to find extra time for it. I apply it twice a week and it exfoliates my skin while sleeping. I wake up with fresh, soft and vibrant skin, ready for the Danish weather.

These are my miracle workers, which ones are yours?


PS: More beauty posts will come as well as our morning routines, so stay close! DSC_0005



 Rare Earth Pore Refining Tonic

Rare Earth Deep Pore Daily Cleanser 

Over-Night Biological Peel