New in – Shopping @Roskilde Festival

I remember how shocked I was at my first Roskilde Festival when I saw “the shopping street”. Who thought you would be able to shop at a festival? Well, not me.

But, it’s real – all of it. There are different boutiques that move to Roskilde Festival for the week and lower their prices for festival comers. How cool is this? I love the concept! Shops like Wood Wood, Vans, Rains, Converse, Episode and many more opened their doors for the curious and shopcoholic crowd of the festival. And who was  first in line? Yes, yours truly! Even though, I have promised myself and others ( Sorry guys! :)) that I would not buy any other pair of sunglasses, I just couldn’t say no to this kitty inspired sunnies from Wood Wood. They were 70% off and I had to have them!

As a vintage enthusiast, another shop that I had to check out was Episode. Their prices are affordable and you can easily find beautiful unique garments. So, of course, I didn’t come out empty handed. This dusty-pink silk dress caught my eye and without even trying it on, she was mine forever! Luckily, it fits me like a glove and I have a feeling that we’ll be extremely happy together.

Have you tried shopping at festivals? How was it? And stay close – an article about the ‘shopping street concept’ @Roskilde Festival will be posted soon!


Photos by Lucy


Wood Wood, Virgo Sunnies, Jacket from Gap, Vintage dress and boots.