Now that my vacation by the beach is over, all is left to do is talk about it. Starting with the little things that I carried everyday with me and on me, to make those beach days easier and worry-less.

  1. First there’s the slip-on dress, that comes in so handy when sudden cravings hit me and I have to stay in line for pancakes, donuts, ice-cream, melon glacé, corn, you name it. Luckily, there’s never a line for Coca-Cola. And luckily, the dress is flowy enough to hide a food baby and to be pulled up my legs in 5 seconds.
  2. A colourful headband, because big hair, strong breeze and sticky hands (from all the ice-cream, pancakes and donuts mentioned above).
  3. Sunglasses, duh! Because they make you look so cool in pictures, when you just woke up from a post pancakes nap.
  4. A necklace made of shells that I received as a present many years ago, and that always makes me feel extra exotic
  5. Baby blue Birkenstocks, which so conveniently, can be worn not only at the beach, but also out for dinner or drinks, without having that way-too-casual look of regular flip-flops
  6. Last, my new bag crush, a striped one that I found in a vintage store just a few days before this holiday, and that’s big enough to hold all my beach essentials

That sums up the things I couldn’t live without when at the beach, and no, a bathing suit is definitely something I could do without, especially in Vama Veche, a place that embraces all things natural and where there’s no room for inhibitions. But more about that in a future post. Have a great weekend!

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