Summer after summer festival goers, music lovers and stylish cool kids are brave enough to endure the Scandinavian/Northern European weather forecast of rain and mud just to be able to see their favourite bands and musicians. Unfortunately for us and for everyone that attended Northside Festival in Aarhus this year a muddy weekend was in store. But everyone is pretty used to this so the torrential rain hadn’t dampened the party spirit of more than 40.000 people!! That’s a pretty cool figure for a festival that started only a few years ago. This year Northside has also very proudly announced to be a 100% organic festival, but more about this and the yummy food in another post 🙂

As usual, we want to give you a glimpse of all the colourful and very stylish Danish and international crowd that attended the festival. Matching rubber boots and rain coats with anything else without looking like a fishing enthusiast it is quite a challenge, but somehow Northsiders know how to stay stylish in any situation! A superpower  I would like to have too!!! Think daring prints, glitter, pink rubber boots and a very contagious joye de vivre!

Northsiders, thank you, you know how to put on a veritable fashion show! We dedicate this post to you and to much more to come!