oMoi Skin Care – Enjoy your me time!

I’m going to tell you about a wonderful experience, so leave everything else that you’re doing and read this, especially if you’re dealing with problematic skin. My skin has always acted out, I’m 28 but if you judge my age based on my skin you would assume that I’m still going through puberty. So, when Ligia told me about the opportunity of getting a facial, with all natural products I just couldn’t say no.
This is how I met Kristele and her oMoi line of products. All ecological, using essential oils which don’t just work on the skin but as she says it, also on the mind. oMoi’s philosophy tries to remind us that it’s important to slow down, to relax and enjoy ‘me time’, to forget about the everyday hustle and get pampered!
The facial that I got was not just a treatment, but a true relaxing experience! When you arrive at Krisele’s, you’re welcome by refreshing scent and calming music, just what you need! The treatment starts with a 20 mins back massage that’s meant to silence your mind, to send your worries away or  to prep you for what’s about to follow: 70 minutes of true relaxation. Kristele is a true professional who knows exactly what she’s doing, who talks your through the entire process and explains the all the steps. I love when this happens, I’m so curious and also I feel so comfortable when I known what’s going on. As you might know, a facial treatment can be a bit uncomfortable, not this time! I was so relaxed that I almost feel asleep in Kristele’s safe hands.
If you’re looking for such an experience I totally recommend Kristele and her amazing products.  I left radiating, from inside and out.
Thank you for the entire experience, dear Kristele! It was golden!
More information about oMoi here.