One evening for all your senses @Neighbourhood

Our collaboration with Urban House, the new hotel we ‘ve been bragging about, has landed us in the coolest places is Copenhagen. One of these places is Neighbourhood, the organic restaurant from Vestebro that offers pizza and cocktails. Yeah, you heard us right, pizza and cocktails!

It was around 18.00 when we got there. I remember thinking that it was so good we had a reservation because there were so  many people dying to get in, and the evening only got busier. We were kindly greeted by Martin, the manager we’ve been mailing with, and were seated at the table that offered the best lighting. There was such a cozy atmosphere, and we were so excited to taste their famous pizzas!

We started the feast with a healthy snack and of course cocktails. I had a Pumpkin Sour cocktail. It was so fresh and awaken all the senses. Combined with the crisps, it was pure heaven!

The starter was just what we needed to keep the conversation going and the bellies busy before the real deal, the pizzas. There’s one thing you must know if you decide to go to Neighbourhood, do not expect a traditional pizza, because you will most probably be surprised, if not disappointed. There’s a real revolution brewing in Copenhagen, that concentrates on the filling and not on the dough. I had a Fig Ham, a pizza with Italian parma ham, fresh figs, goat cheese ( what a combination!), capers and olive compote served with salad leaves, roasted pepper and parmesan. I loved the figs and the goat cheese together, it was so tasty! I ate every crumble of this incredible pizza and I know I could’ve had more. It looked and tasted so healthy, not at all like the traditional, greasy pizza we are used to!

All in all, it was a delicious evening!


DSC_2230The snack was a mix of crisps served with estragon dip.

DSC_2238When it comes to food and drinks, I know what I like, and I like to stick to it. So I picked the cocktail with the sexiest name, Almond Velvet, and it was a winner for me. Sweet and creamy, strongly almond flavoured with delicious traces of vanilla vodka, and above all, pretty and pink!

As for pizza, I knew I couldn’t go wrong with plain old garlic fried chicken. I have to admit, when hungry, I’m always scared of trying out weird new combinations, so the Coriander Chicken is perfect for those of you who like to play it safe. Don’t worry though, the mix of giant roasted mushrooms, tomatoes and buffalo mozzarella will make every bite worth the struggle of trying to elegantly eat using a fork and knife.

I guess this is what attracts people so much to Neighbourhood, an original concept, excellent service and a cool, vibrant, unpretentious vibe.




Photos: Claudio La Barbera

Neighbourhood, Istegade27, KBH V, Tel: 32122212 NFO@NEIGHBOURHOOD.DK