One Lucky Vintage Lover

I like to think that I’m pretty lucky. Life hasn’t really decided to strip me of my good fortune just yet. I got the chance to travel, to live in a new wonderful country that I now call home, to meet nice people and do what I love.

What makes you feel lucky? There are many moments that can put a smile on our face. Off the top of my head – these are the ones that make me feel like a winner:

  • Passing through airport security with 5 extra kg with no charge.
  • Nailing a job interview.
  • Having sunny weather- especially in Scandinavia – on the day you planned a garden party.
  • Buying a vintage Fleetweed Mac LP with only 4 euros.
  • Getting a call from the cozy cafe you just left from, that you forgot your bag there.
  • Finding super cheap flights to somewhere warm.
  • Getting the last seat at an event.
  • Enjoying a heatwave while at Roskilde Festival.
  • Stumbling upon that one coat that you’ve been dreaming about for weeks…

…and that one coat has its own story: found in a basement somewhere in my neighborhood, it’s now my partner in crime. Also,  I must say that I’ve been to some of the best flea markets out there, in Paris, NY, Rome but my best buys are still found in Copenhagen. I just love the flea markets here and there are so many! You really have a lot of choices, it’s just wonderful.

This winter trench coat or the 2nd WW coat as my boyfriend calls it is made in England, by Aquascutum. It’s woolen tweed and it looks perfect. I love its color and the belt strap,  it’s feminine shape and that it keeps me warm.

Such a bargain! So, tell me, what makes you feel lucky?