Peace of mind @UrbanHouse

The opening of the  auber-cool Urban House hotel in Copenhagen is  getting close, and we couldn’t be more excited!

This project have twisted the old venue  into such a young, inviting space. On our last visit there,  I found this spot next to the window. It’s just perfect! You have a colourful view of Vesterbo and very good light if you’re in the mood for some reading. Or you can just relax with a cup of tea, while watching the busy streets.

Most of the rooms are spacious and bright, with simple design so you can easily make them a bit homey while you’re there.  But more about this in another post that’s coming soon. So, stay close!

What are your plans on this beautiful Sunday? There’s a bit of sun in Copenhagen, we can actually see the blue sky, so we’re thinking of a stroll in the park. See you then and there!



I’m wearing:

H&M over-knee socks and jewellery

Acne cardigan

Oh-My-Love dress

Photos: Claudio La Barbera