Press days & update

Hello lovelies! Seems like forever since I posted something on SAHB, and this right here is why. Press days. For those of you who are not familiar with it, press days in fashion are like a civil revolution in Eastern European countries: everything changes but it mainly stays the same. What changes are the spring-summer collections with the autumn-winter ones. Yes, in April. Actually, even before. At least for PR agencies. What stays the same: well, let’s just say we’ll still be wearing coats, heavy knitwear, fluffy scarves, and of course all in dark colours. But, you can also expect a multitude of graphic prints and yes, orange might just be the new black.

So this is mainly what my colleagues and I have been working on for the past week or so, to get our lovely showroom ready for welcoming the press, with a little help from The Union Kitchen, mySmoothie & myCoco.

And please scroll down for the most amazing sunglasses from the new Mykita collection. I know at least one die-hard fan who would love all their sunnies. And for a not so fancy behind the scenes press days pic, bruised legs included, from riding my bike on 12cm heels into parked cars. At least it didn’t slow me down.

P.S. The update is that we’re off to Berlin for a weekend getaway courtesy of Ana #bff #earlybirthdaygift #shecannotkeepasecret

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Outfit details

Object Jacket MUUSE x Ece Gozen

Weekday tank top

Gina Tricot jeans

Zara pumps