Roman backgrounds and this easy-breezy outfit

Have you ever fallen in love with a piece of clothing so badly, that nothing else was good enough anymore ? Well, I have. More than once, always deep enough to forget about every other item from my closet.  This is what happened when I laid eyes on this long, light pink blazer . And then, the loose Envy pants made their way to my heart, as well as the white Zara tee and slip-ons. Together they make ( in my opinion) a prefect spring/autumn outfit. It was great for a day spent in Rome, for long distance walks and chilly afternoons.

I’ve worn this outfit more than once, and I’ll probably wear it again, it’s so easy-breezy! I sometimes add different accessories, maybe wear a tee of a different colour, add a necklace, sunnies… but the base is mostly the same. I don’t usually think of trends, or of what’s expected of me in terms of what I wear, but this time around the question that must be answered is: How much is actually too much? How many times can someone wear an outfit? Is there a perfect recipe?  – I’m curious to hear your opinion.




Photos: Raluca Muresan

Outfit details :

H&M blazer

Zara tee and slip-ons

Envy pants

Asos sunnies

Gestuz bag