Roomies @UrbanHouse

Having a roommate can be so much fun, especially if she is your best friend. It’s like having a sleepover every night, we play dress up for hours before going out dancing, get our facial and hair masks on and don’t get us started on our movie nights. We may have the worst luck when picking what movie to watch, but at least we can pull off the best nachos and guacamole with sweet chilli sauce ever. But the best thing about it is that we’re never alone – not even when we really want to be- and we get a second opinion on EVERYTHING! Very important!

For our fun stay over at Urban House,  we knew we wanted to go for a bunk bed. We both had one when we were children ( sharing it with our siblings) and it brings back great memories. As everyone else does, we love to travel and are very familiar with the struggle of travelling while on a budget. So we found ourselves more than a few times, having to choose between our desire and need to have a good night sleep in a comfortable bed, with a great view (after hours and hours of exploring new cities your feet kinda deserve a great view) and having to save money so we can experience as many things and dishes and cocktails as possible. Luckily for those of you travelling to Copenhagen, you don’t need to worry about that. At Urban House you can have the beautiful room, the cozy bed, the amazing view, stay right in the city centre, and still have money to try their delicious hotdogs, a local beer, or if you dare, some new ink in their tattoo shop.

We recently spent a great night at their house warming party, and we’ll definitely be sharing some of their cool new facilities, like the lounge room, do it yourself kitchen or the hangover room (a personal favourite), but for now, take a look inside the beautiful shared room. And then start packing!

Photos by Claudio La Barbera