Shine the light!

Spring is coming! You might not know this, but this January in Denmark we only had 17 hours of sun. You have no idea how much I miss the sun, its rays of light, its warmth… I live on sunlight. I know it now. Like one of my favourite Romanian songs says: ‘I have sunlight in my veins’. This is why every time I open my eyes in the morning and my room is filled with sunlight, my day is already a great one! Spring is the best time of the year, it colours our surroundings and our minds. This spring will bring some changes, and I don’t mean only in my closet 🙂

It’s time to get inspired! I found some fresh, springish outfits that I wanted to share with you! Yes! I’d wear all of them!

Enjoy the sun!



PS: stay tuned, tomorrow we’ll share our last “fashion sow” experience here in Aarhus.

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