Sofie Aviaja


We met Sofie last week on a colourful street here in Aarhus. She’s such a lovely girl and her blog is very inspiring. Read  it here and find out more about Sofie from our interview 🙂



SAHB: Tell us a bit about your morning beauty routine.

Sofie: I’m not a morning person, I hate getting up too early. I always wash my face in cold water and cleanse it with products from Clinique. Afterwards I always start with my make up and then I fix my hair. I start by applying foundation and mineral powder. Then I use some blush on my cheeks. After that I put on my lashes and add a little mascara as well. Then the hardest part comes…. What to wear? It usually takes the longest and most days I try on several outfits before deciding on one.


SAHB: Where do you get your inspiration when creating an outfit?

Sofie: I get my inspiration from a lot of places, from other blogs, friends, magazines and especially from people I see on the street. I love sitting on a café and watch people walk by, you always see a lot of cool people with inspiring outfits.

SAHB: Describe your personal style in three words.

Sofie: It’s difficult because it’s changing a bit all the time. But if I have to describe it I would say it is a mix of some classic, feminine and rocky elements. 

SAHB: Have you ever experienced a wardrobe malfunction in public?

Sofie: Fortunately, I have never experienced that.

SAHB: Is there a fashion rule that you will never break?

Sofie: When it comes to fashion I don’t believe in rules. Something you never thought would work or would look good, sometimes works anyway. When it comes to fashion you constantly get surprised. But the rule “Don’t wear socks and sandals” is one I personally will never break. I know we have seen a lot of fashionable people wear socks in their heeled sandals, but I really don’t like it and I would never wear it myself.

SAHBWhat’s your guilty pleasure?

Sofie: My guilty pleasure must be lying in bed watching TV all day. Sometimes I can lie in my bed all day long, only getting up when I need food. Just watch TV and do nothing. But I often feel guilty when doing it, I feel like I should do something. But once in a while it’s nice to just do nothing and let your mind flow.

SAHB: When did you feel the proudest as a fashion blogger?

Sofie: I don’t know, it’s difficult to say. But I guess it has to be when a reader wrote to me, that she had seen me in Aarhus and that she was so proud and couldn’t believe she had seen me in real life. I felt really honored. I have such amazing readers.

SAHB: When is the last time you laughed your heart out?

Sofie: I laugh a lot so it is not long ago. I think it was yesterday. I love having fun and I think it is really important to laugh a lot. Luckily for me I have a lot of people in my life who can always make me laugh.

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