Spots and dots

Okay, you’re going to hate me right now for posting these sunny photos, especially if the past days you’ve only seen dark clouds and drizzly never-ending rain. But there is light at the end of the tunnel, hold on in there! We’re already in March and the near future looks warm and bright!

I have been keeping these photos in my computer since I’ve been travelling in Morocco in January, waiting to share them with you. Now that the days are slowly getting back to normal (please read sunnier) it doesn’t seem so awkward 🙂 Or it might if you’re still fighting the snow :P… palm trees and orange trees are not really winterish.

These photos where taken around a few beautiful gardens in Marakesh. I am definitely going back to Morocco this year, there is so much more to explore. I’ve only seen a little part of the south part of the country and Casablanca sounds so alluring! Now that I dipped my toes in the water and reported the wonders back home, a trip with all 3 of us is definitely in the cards!

What’s the best winter holiday destination for 3 ladies who love sun&beach&sea mix!?


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Outfit details

H&M dress

NIKE shoes