Street style story – Copenhagen Fashion Week

Danish streets, or Scandinavian for that matter, have never been known for colourful outfits, wild accessories, original styling and diversity in shapes, styles or fabrics. As a matter of fact, we more than once heard adjectives such as boring, depressing, uniform like, being used to describe Danes and their sense of fashion. Not that I would argue against it, as this is something you can clearly see on the shelves and hangers of international shops. Zara will not have the same window display in Spain as in Denmark. And that is perfectly understandable. What appeals southerners does not appeal Scandinavians.

However, during fashion week, it’s a whole another story. I don’t know if it’s because of the high flux of foreigners coming here for the shows or if it’s simply because people are more aware of street style photographers having their eyes wide open for a great shot, and they feel pressured to pay more attention to their outfits. But it’s clear to see that comfort and casual are not on the menu those days. Dressing for Fashion Week is all about standing out, making a statement. Even in modest, diversity challenged Copenhagen.

So here are the ladies and fellows that caught my attention during this Fashion Week.

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