Style it the festival way

With summer comes a great struggle for us, long haired ladies: how to style long, thick hair? Letting it down on our shoulders is just not an option with all the heat and wind, and when it comes to festivals, there’s also the dust factor. This year, while at Northside, Tinderbox and Roskilde, I noticed that most of the girls had their hair kept in braids. Until now I was blaming it on Mø, since she was the one to sparkle this trend, and of course every girl in Denmark embraced it immediately, but now even Mø is over it. So what was the deal with all these braids? Well, after 4 days of partying outdoors and 4 nights of sleeping in a tent, it all made sense. Keeping your hair in braids is the best solution, preventing it from getting dusty and tangled. Growing up, my mom would always braid my hair before going on a vacation or to the countryside, so she wouldn’t have to deal with it everyday. And it was working.

Now I wish I had remembered that before Roskilde, where I kept it in a bun and ended up with a hot mess that took me 1 hour and a lot of coconut oil to detangle. Not to mention I lost almost half of it in the process.  So if you’re looking for some inspiration, check out these ladies and their festival hairstyles!

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