Celebrating a few days ago 25 years since Internet has been invented, I was contemplating on how much information we are able to access nowadays because of it. We can literally search and inform ourselves from anywhere and about anything we want. Click, click click and here we have the world in our living room! Being so easy to look up any information we need, more and more people are interested in living better: eating better, exercising, taking care of their bodies and mind, yoga, meditation, mindfulness and so on. We are and I bet you are too! 🙂

Due to a health issue which I developed in my childhood, called gastritis (an irritation of the stomach lining), I had to take care of what I eat since an early age and I tried to avoid all the “bad things” (which of course was really hard to do and I do still eat a pizza, french fries and a veggie burger once in a while). I noticed liquid food makes me good because is easier to digest and a soup is always on my menu.

Since is summer and you find fruits and veggies galore, I decided to give my digestive system a break and went on a juicing cleanse. We go on holiday every summer (even for a weekend), why shouldn’t our stomach go on holiday as well?! I researched up and down the internet for a juicing plan which I can follow, making my own juice at home and I decided to start off with a 3 days plan. I came across Joe Cross’s (the filmmaker of Fat Sick and Nearly Dead)  3 days weekend juicing plan, which I feel suited me perfectly and is very easy to follow. I actually finished yesterday, followed it for 4 days (I declare myself a juice junkie now!) and still continue to have 2-3 juices a day plus 2 solid meals.  Check out this snapshot of what you can expect to encounter, and decide for yourself if there’s a juice junkie hidden inside of you!

Before getting into the nitty gritty, a few things to consider before starting a juicing cleanse/detox:

  • 24-48 h before the cleanse, start off by reducing slowly and eliminate from your diet: coffee, smoking, refined sugars, processed foods and as much as possible animal derived products
  • drink a LOT of water, if you can at least 3L a day
  • eat (as much as you can) raw fruits and vegetables
  • do an enema. I know this is not exactly your favorite thing and is gross only thinking about it. I didn’t managed to do it, although I wish I did now. This process will clean your colon, so you can have a fresh start with your cleansing. You can read more about enemas here.
  • as your body eliminates toxins and generally takes a break from digestion, you might experience some side effects during and after the cleanse such as: nausea, bloating, headaches, hunger, fatigue, feeling faint, acne, skin irritation, increased libido, etc. I didn’t experienced much of it except a bit of bloating on the first day (which I blame to onion!), feeling tired on the first day around noon which I “treated” with a yummy afternoon nap and increased libido, pretty much everyday 🙂
  • plan a lower intensity exercise such as yoga, swimming or simply walking and take time to rest.
  • coming off the cleanse repeat the steps you’ve taken before the cleanse, don’t just jump on a McFish and french fries next day! Allow yourself a slow transition to your normal diet.


I used a masticating juicer from Von Chef, I bought it here, but you can basically use any juicer. The one I have comes with 2 speeds, for hard  and for soft  fruits and vegetables. The advantage of using a masticating juicer is that you get more juice yield and is more healthy also, as is less heat involved while juicing.

imagemy juicer 🙂

the PLAN…


Pretty self explanatory, the plan has recipes for 5 different juices you’ll have during 1 day. Every day the same order, same juices. You will need to purchase fruits and vegetables x3 times the volume indicated for 1 day.

imageA small part of my shopping on the countertop 🙂 The rest of it takes up all the space of my small fridge!

I’ve documented how each juice turned out and I hope you’ll get inspired too! You can add your twist on it if you like, this is how I’ve done it in some cases. Straight from Day 1 you may notice you’re thinking and dreaming about what you could be eating, should be eating, and want to be eating, so cravings can occur right away 😀 It doesn’t sound very encouraging I know, but wait for second Day and you’ll experience a sweet euphoria.

imageimageBreakfast juice (*makes 1 large glass)

image imageMid morning Mean Green Juice ( I replaced kale with spinach; *makes 2 large glasses)

image imageLunch juice – Gazpacho juice

(there was a 1/4 onion in the recipe, I didn’t like the taste and it bloated me on the first day, so I didn’t added it the following days; *makes 2 large glasses)


Afternoon snack – Citrus inspired green juice (again I replaced kale with spinach and swiss chard with lettuce; *makes 2 glasses)

imagePre dinner  – Sunset blend juice (*makes 1 and 1/2 glasses)

imageThis is my take on the first day, a delicious raw salad with tomatoes, paper, water cress, radish, corn, lemon juice and a bit of olive oil.

Dinner time – raw fruits and vegetables. Joe Cross explains that during a short cleanse of this nature is essential to eat at the end of the day. This will help you feel full so you won’t fall prey to cravings or feelings of deprivation or starvation. If you want to go all liquid you can make yourself a smoothie or another juice, which I did as well without feeling hungry.

Well what’s my conclusion after almost 4 days of juicing?

  • It might not be for everyone and not everyone might be able to stick with it, but for me it was a great experience and I think it’s totally worth doing it
  • I feel my stomach and digestive system had a well deserved break
  • I noticed some irritation on my skin (nothing major though)
  • I felt a bit tired at times, but I chose a very relaxed approach and I took the time to enjoy a nap here and there through the day
  • You’ll at least triple your visits to the bathroom! I peeded a lot, but this is quite normal since my fluids intake was at least 3L per day
  • It takes a bit of time. While taking on a juice cleanse consistency is key and every 2-3h you’ll find yourself in the kitchen preparing your next juice. I was on staycation the past week, so it was perfect for this. I reckon with a bit of planning ahead, I can prepare in the morning 2-3 juices to take with me on the day to work.

I hope I got you inspired and motivated to start your own juice cleanse. I’m curious to hear about your own experience, do you have some juice recipes to share? Have you every tried a juice cleanse for more than 3 days?

Much love,