Sunny winter days

Hello and happy new year, everyone! It’s almost mid January (already!!!) but I feel like this new year just started for me. But that’s because I’ve been on standby for the past week, in bed, with fever and highly medicated. No worries, I got better just in time for Ana’s birthday party on Saturday. Which has been documented and will be blogged about soon 🙂

In the meantime I’m ready for a vacation, which sucks, cause I just got back from one 🙁  A two weeks holiday at home in Romania was like Danish summer: you’re not even finished switching from the winter wardrobe, and it’s gone. And now all I’m left with are memories, tiredness, and these pictures to keep me going until next time. Oh, and a lot of frustration, knowing that I’m going to spend the next three months with only short glimpses of sunlight, biking in the rain, or just the freezing cold if we’re lucky. I would much rather take a knee-high snow covered Copenhagen over a constant grey one.

So yes, being home, spending the New Year’s in the mountains with friends, making snow angels, dancing outside of the cabin at midnight at -26 C, admiring the view and breathing the fresh air was very good! I highly recommend it, together with a stash of paracetamol and antibiotics.

Dr. Ligia IMG_1519_FotorIMG_1482_FotorIMG_1483_FotorIMG_1494_FotorIMG_1455 IMG_1468 IMG_1515_Fotor IMG_1492_Fotor IMG_1514 IMG_1652_FotorIMG_1613_Fotor IMG_1476

Outfit details

Ski outerwear EVEREST

REVERSE beanie

Wool sweater CUBUS Norge

Leora sunglasses from MONKI