Sustainable & cool by ANETE VITOLA

The story of this guest outfit post started last Friday night, with three girls and an equal number of wine bottles. Half way into our cozy evening and our wine supplies, Anete remembers she has something she wanted to show me. Nothing more and nothing less than this handmade organic bomber jacket and matching skirt.

‘Wait, what?!? You made this?’ – says me and takes another sip.

‘Yeah, it was my final project for my bachelors.’ – says Anete while trying it on.

I don’t know about you, but I found it so special, unique and remarcable.  I was very impressed with the execution and the details of the design, but I loved even more the idea behind it. The purpose of her project, as she explained to me, was to create something that the young generation finds attractive, something that young people would see as their style. The fabric that she chose is normally considered boring and it’s not used for trendy things. But she is using it in a style that I think looks very cool, and that is very likely to make us more interested in being sustainable and choose clothes that are ‘green’. Implementing green thinking in  wearable styles, isn’t that something? She used linen in a way that I haven’t seen before and I think that these kind of projects could change the image of sustainable fashion, from boring to trendy. I really support her idea to use things or show things in a different way, that we’re not used to see.

Oh yeah, and she’s gorgeous, so I couldn’t think of a better model to show this outfit. Many thanks to Claudio La Barbera for the pictures!DSC_7345 DSC_7370 DSC_7374 DSC_7386DSC_7397 DSC_7399 DSC_7404 DSC_7426DSC_7342

Outfit details

Skirt and jacket designed and made by Anete Vitola

T-shirt from GANNI


Photography Claudio La Barbera