Good morning everyone! Here is a very special interview I did with a beautiful person, inside and out. Full time architect, part-time hottie, Victor is someone who continues to inspire and impress me with his kindness, love of life and beauty, ambition to be better in everything he does and killer dance moves! So I encourage you to scroll down and discover this beautiful man that I’m so proud to call my friend!

LigiaIMG_0417 SAHB: Have you always wanted to become an architect?

I guess so. When I was a child, I remember I really liked playing with buildings games such as “playmobil” or “lego”. I was amazed by the fact that I could create something from scratch, thinking about my “legos’ needs”, a fact that I now extrapolate to people’s needs.

SAHB: Tell us how and when you realised that this was what you wanted to do.

Architecture, or art in all of its ways of expressions, is something I have always been interested in. Although I had other choices in mind (such as the study of languages), I tried to go for a career which allowed me, not only to have the technical knowledge of the field, but to express myself through my profession. IMG_0487 SAHB: What is for you the best thing about being an architect?

Besides the acquired knowledge gained throughout your studies, which allows you to appraise the beauty of well-designed-buildings, it is, at least for me, a way to express what I have inside me, but bearing in mind, the three tenets of Vitruvian architecture: “utilitas, firmitas, venustas”: a building has to be useful, stable and beautiful.IMG_0473 SAHB: What is your greatest achievement so far? Or tell us about a moment you are very proud of.

The Arquia Award, an incredible prize which is given every year to the best architecture students in Spain, thanks to which I am doing my internship at Dominique Perrault Architecture in Paris, where I am living now. IMG_0420SAHB: Which architectural style is your favourite and why?

I have always been amazed by the Classics, but Modern Architecture, its concern for the user and the surroundings and the rigor of the modular use of materials, I just love it.IMG_0418SAHB: If you were given all the resources to design a building/space of your choice, what would it be?

During the studies we are given projects to design, without thinking too much about the money they could cost, but I have always had in mind how deep and beautiful could be, the design of a space for “our inner us”. In other words, either a church, a space for meditation, a library… a place where you, your thoughts and the architecture are the only things that matter. IMG_0485SAHB: What is your favourite city, judging by its architecture, of course?

As I mentioned I’m currently living in Paris and I fell for this city from the very first moment I came here. In contrast, I would say I have favourite spaces in different cities. Laying on the grass of the Central Park, feeling that you are in the city just because you can see the top of the skyscrapers in the distance, walking down the “Ponte Vechio” of Florence or enjoying a glass of wine in the Canals of Venice with the person who’s interviewing me right now XD. Do u remember it Ligia?

(Haha, no I don’t remember it, Vic. The wine must have been really good! :P)IMG_0407 SAHB: Do you have a favourite architect, whose work you deeply admire or who is an inspiration to you?

I really like the work of Alvaro Siza, a Portuguese architect whose background has been a source of inspiration for many of us, architects. And were I to choose an architect From the Modernism, that would be Mies van der Rohe, with his “less is more”.IMG_0478SAHB: What is your goal/dream as a young architect?

My dream is to improve, through my projects and designs, other people’s lives, catering for their needs, and expressing the artistic gift that I got from my mother, whom I’ve always looked up to.

Ligia. I love u, u know it.

There’re your words, Vic. I just had to put them in 🙂