The colours of heaven

Curled up in bed on a Saturday morning, grey and windy outside, with my laptop in my lap and a cup of “Vanilla Supremo” next to me …. oh yes, this is how I remembered autumn and it’s not too bad either!

But on days like these happy summery memories make their way in the present…And I remember a particular day spent at the Black Sea just a few weeks ago, in a resort called Vama Veche (Old Border). I remember this day because of the very strange light – somehow the sky had the same colour as the seawater. It was amazing, like floating in milk! And the pictures prove it!

Since I started (well should I say, since I was allowed by my parents!) to go with friends alone on holidays, Vama Veche is the place were I feel truly at home when I fancy a day at the romanian seaside. In my hip days, Vama Veche was a place for hippies to spend their seaside retreats. Imagine tents on the beach, beach fires in the night, people singing and dancing in the sand, folk festivals, rock festivals and generally lots of young people seeking to be and feel free. Over the years the place developed quite a lot, so it’s not so intimate anymore, but I still try to come here every year or so due to its proximity to Bucharest (3 – 4 h by car; 5 h if you’re coming by train).  Hey! there are many beautiful wild beaches in the north of romanian coast, but it’s more difficult to access them if you don’t have a car. So…this year Vama Veche it was! And to make for a truly authentic experience, just like at Uni, I went by train! Oh yes, this is another story about romanian trains you’ll hear about another time…

So how was it? Many things have changed, I could say progressed, in the form of 5* hotels with a private beach, umbrellas and sun beds everywhere, 3 times more restaurants and clubs competing for customers with cheap food and cheap alcohol, but strip everything back and I could still see the romantic seaside village from my memories. I can still have my turkish coffee made at “ibric” (the turkish way of preparing coffee) at “Stuful lui Ovidiu”, I can still see dolphins swimming at sunrise, camp on the beach at the “nudist” beach and go to sleep and wake-up with the sound of waves. I love that there is still a sense of community, that I can chat with my tent neighbours, eat a good soup at “Papa la Soni” (a hungarian restaurant, one of the oldest in the resort) and I love to wake up at 5am to catch the sunrise. And the the best surprise was meeting old friends right on the beach, totally unexpected! It was like good old times, when we didn’t needed smartphones to set-up dates and all you did was to go to the usual meeting place!

I’m really happy I went for it, I charged myself with so much energy and I left Vama Veche with hope and peace, with a clearer mind and ready to transform into reality all the plans me, Ana and Ligia have with Skip a Heart Beat!

I hope one day you’ll get the chance to come and see this cute little village (if you haven’t already!) and when you do write me, so I can share with you all the little secrets only “locals” poses 🙂

Hugs and bugs! Enjoy the shots!


DSC_1181 DSC_1173

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