The holiday cottage

As I’ve told you in the last post,  my summer days took me away to the South of France, more exactly Provence.  I’ve been to the South of France before,  but not Provence. When my family told me about the whereabouts of our summer holiday back in March, I was soooo excited! I’ve always wanted to visit Provence, to drink fruity rosé, get lost in lavender fields and just to enjoy the beautiful sights. 

The entire region boasts of a warm welcome, but our summer cottage really made me feel like home.  A Mediterranean home filled with faces that I love, delicious food, sun tanning sessions next to the pool and late night strolls through Avignon or Arles, the two nearby cities.

This region of France is so beautiful that you start feeling beauty- fatigue at the end of your trip, at least this is what happened to us. It’s been amazing, enjoy these photos and stay tuned for more to come!

I’m off to the mountains for a fishing trip  with the family  this weekend. I wish for clear waters and sunny days, for everyone out there!