The Peeing Struggles

Basically, peeing struggles at festivals depend on 2 things: daylight and, of course, the amount of alcohol in your blood.

Another factor which makes your life slightly easier or harder 🙂  is if you have a penis or you don’t.

Human beings with penises got a big advantage and as Denmark is the country with the highest export of culture and design in Europe, it’s not a coincidence that you can use well designed pisoars across Roskilde‘s festival area. Orange ones hanging on the trees, black tubes on fences collecting urine to a magic place, or the oldschool way – a wall or fence, whatever you prefer.

Even if guys can enjoy high tech pisoars, after sunset peeing becomes a social business. You have to make sure that nobody is peeing on you and really consider your picnic spot for the next morning brunch. But when you face the urine odour then you know you’ve reached pee land.

As a girl it’s more about if you are willing to get off your high horse or not.

If your attitude is „I don’t give a fuck“ I can personally recommend to wear a skirt, it’s a very intimate way to pee in public. I love Denmark for its non judgmental approach towards everything, so TAK! Danish girls for sharing my public peeing passion.

So keep it easy and just pee away!


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