The Roman Holiday

Rome – beautiful, messy, historical, exuberant and full of life! These are the words that pop into my head when I think of Rome. I’ve always wanted to visit this city and never really got around to it.  I really had no idea what I was missing! I was lucky enough to go there with Raluca,  who lived there for a while, loves the city and knows its most beautiful hidden treasures – like the best vintage shops, my one true love!

Discovering Rome is best done with a gelato in one hand and a camera in the other. It’s probably the most photogenic European capital I’ve visited so far, so charming, like an old book which somehow thrives in swaying you away with its new stories.

The not so good part: it’s so crowded,  lots of people travel to Rome  all year round – it’s sometimes a bit difficult to get around, so just take it easy, enjoy your gelato, take tons of pictures and stop for an expresso. Life will look brighter afterwards, I promise!

All in all, my Roman Holiday was like a  cappuccino flavoured dream – got lost on  cobbled narrow streets, lived on gelato and  smiled loudly.


PS1: we’ve been to most of the must-see attractions – and got lost a lot, like I said. When discovering a new city and especially Rome “getting lost” is compulsory!

PS2: Buy a selfie stick – it’s so much fun!