The Birthday Brunch

This month has been pretty amazing. Started with a super fun New Year Eve party, continued with a wonderful trip to Rome ( you can see lots of photos from Rome on my insta account here) and the occasional sunlight back in Copenhagen. We can’t complain, it’s great.  Even though I wasn’t sure about organizing that ‘birthday something’ event that I usually throw this time a year, I’ve finally decided that I do want to see all my best friends gathered together.

So, there we go. Here’s me one year older, surrounded by the greatest people I know and enjoying a children’s Danish birthday brunch, as you can see I had the birthday cake and everything.

The theme of the brunch was Social Media Love and it’s obvious that we were super dedicated. We enjoyed a fun insta quiz, ate lots of cake, ended the day with a walk in beautiful Copenhagen and the night with cocktails and laughter. It was grand, my cheeks were hurting from smiling too much.

Thanks, everyone – let’s do it again soon!