Throwback Wednesday: Portugal

As I said in my last post  I’m back at my parents’ place in Romania for the week. The winter here is very sunny but freezing cold. My mum’s cozy kitchen is a sun oasis, and I love spending my time enjoying the warm sun rays on my back, I’ve missed it too much!

Speaking of sunny weather…I’ve been looking for plane tickets lately, and I’m really thinking of going back to one of my favorite places on the planet: the South of Portugal. I fell in love with this country so deeply; the taste of the ocean, the white beach and the wild waves, on top of which we can add the fruity sangria and mouthwatering  seafood. Portugal is just wonderful and I cannot wait to visit it again!

I found these photos on my phone and I decided to share them with you.  Maybe I’m not the only one who needs  bit of summer in the midst of winter.