When life gives you lemons…you go to Venice! ? Seeing Venice was one of my oldest dreams and when the occasion practically jumped into my lap I embraced it with both hands! I always thought Venice should be seen for the first time with a significant other and I must admit it is one of the most romantic places me and my partner visited together. Although Radu is not a big fan of city escapes, when we found some cheap Ryanair tickets for Trieste and Venice, we didn’t think twice. About Trieste I’ll tell you in a future post. For now back to Venice ?

Even though we spent just 2 days here, for a first visit is enough. I had no plan prepared and I only managed to read a few tips on Tripadvisor prior to arriving…My advice would be don’t worry if you find yourself in the same situation. Venice is a gorgeous city and you only need to walk around and take it all in! I was expecting to find beautifull architecture, but the reality blew me away. I would call Venice the “instagram city”, everywhere you look … no really! I’m not just saying it, literally EVERYWHWRE you look…is picture perfect! I stepped out of Santa Lucia train station right on the Grand Canale and I had to pinch myself seeing all the beauty. Balconies filled with flowers as if waiting for Juliet, even more flowers at pretty window stills, majestic buildings painted in vibrant colours, church towers raising their heads above the city, the most perfect little bridges at every corner, canals with milky water and of course handsome gondoliers and beautifully crafted gondolas. Italians truly have style! The old city city is a spaggetti plate of narrow streets and we were getting lost at least 10 times every 2 hours. But that’s the beauty of it and there’s nothing more romantic than getting lost in a dream city with your lover, isnt’t it? ? Pack enough water, some snacks and off you go! There are so many tourists visiting Venice everyday of the year, but wandering around aimlessly will take you to very quiet little street or corners of the city. I am definetly coming back, next time with my girlfriends so I can explore the city more in a different context. I love visiting the same place with different people, it gives me the chance to see it in another light.

Have you been to Venice? What is your impression about it?

Triste&Venezia 2016 - 182Triste&Venezia 2016 - 161Triste&Venezia 2016 - 135Triste&Venezia 2016 - 139Triste&Venezia 2016 - 196Of course when in Venice, a lady needs her mask….

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