We #dovesterbro with Urbanhouse

Who would have thought that the end of the year would come with so many beginnings? New place, new jobs, and exciting collaborations. This time we teamed up with Urban House, a brand new hotel that will open its doors in the heart of Copenhagen in March. We met with their lovely staff and could tell immediately that these guys will do anything to make you feel at home. They came to us with an offer we simply couldn’t refuse, tempting us with shinny new wheels and proposing a tour, not only of the hotel but also of its surroundings. Very conveniently, Urban House is located in Vesterbro, a very controversial part of Copenhagen that we had heard so much about. So we decided to give it a go!

The entire day couldn’t get better, but as it always happens, it did, when Urban House offered 10 give-away cards that we will tell you more about very soon! Stay close to our Instagram and be ready to enjoy Copenhagen!

Ana and Ligia

DSC_1859First we had to stop for some wake-me-up coffee (no, biking in the cold doesn’t always do the trick :), and when in Vesterbro, Risteriet is the place to get your caffeine fix. Roasting the coffee right there and serving it in a cozy ambient, this place will have you pinned to your chair for hours…

DSC_1852DSC_1968DSC_1935If you have a bigger appetite, we heard that Neighbourhood make delicious organic pizzas, and since they’re the 2nd most popular bar in town, we definitely have to try their cocktails!!! #tgif
DSC_1885DSC_1892DSC_1889DSC_1967DSC_1954DSC_1897DSC_1928Last but not least, a big thanks to Recycles, who sponsored us with the means of transportation for the day. We loved these vintage beauties, and just how cool is the wine holder below? Already dreaming about hot summer days with picnics on the beach…DSC_1912 DSC_1916DSC_1959DSC_1983

Outfit details

Ana is wearing: Weekday long shirt, Villa pants, Zara Coat and Monki shades and gloves.

Ligia is wearing: vintage 60s dress, mbyM trench coat, Bianco ankle boots, Weekday sunnies