Wear your traditions

Not just on a Sunday, a National Holiday or for a festivity. But on a regular day, just because it’s sunny and you’re in a good mood. This summer I rediscovered my family’s traditions and I wore them just because they are mine too. Made entirely from silk, these clothes have the most delicate feel, and the embroidery is a pure work of art.  They are much more than just clothes, they have been in my family for tens of years, representing our spirit and history.

If you didn’t know this about the Romanian Blouse, it is said that the patterns sewed on them are magical signs created with so much care and attention so that they protect the person who wears it from evil thoughts and spirits. Young girls used to work all winter on the Blouse that they would wear on Easter Sunday (the greatest holiday of the year) and for the dance that would follow after.

And what I find most magical about my two blouses is the fact that they are one of a kind. The reason for that is because, if women would usually gather in the evening and work together, sing and tell stories, they would sew their Blouses in secrecy, so that nobody would copy the pattern and the sewing. And this is how our beautiful traditions become legends.


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