Weekend by the sea

During my latest trip to England I got to visit some cities and towns that are not normally included on touristic itineraries. This happened thanks to my mom, who had to be in Grimsby for a week, and that was how I also ended up there. I really enjoyed visiting York, which is a bigger city, with a historic centre and a new one, and the impressive Railway Museum, where I saw the actual Hogwarts Express. But it was Cleethorpes that I loved the most. This seaside resort in Lincolnshire was only 2 minutes away by train from Grimsby, so getting there was very easy. The sun was shining, the sand was golden and warm, and the water was…who knows, I didn’t try it. Cleethorpeks is a charming place, perfect if you have a few days to spare in England and just want to relax and enjoy the beach. It’s pretty small, so going from the centre to the beach only take 10 minutes walking. If you’re not a fish&chips fan, you will be. That’s all you can eat there. And donuts. Lots of donut places everywhere.

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Black tank top WEEKDAY


Sunnies MONKI

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