Weekend getaway to Lønstrup

As I’ve promised in my last post, here’s a bit more about my trip to the North  or as they like to say in Lønstrup, to the top of Denmark. This little fishing village is charming, with broad sandy beaches, little cozy houses and unique ceramic boutiques. Everything is inspired by the sea and the marine nature around the village. The air is salty and fresh and the views are beautiful!

You’ll find Lønstrup  hidden in a valley, behind the high sand dunes that are slowly moving inland. The sea is its best friend and worst enemy, as it erodes the coast and it gets closer and closer to the valley. It seems that the migrating dune is quite unique in the area and it cannot be stopped. It has already buried many historical buildings in the past ten years and many other will have the same dramatic faith. If you want to visit Rubjerg Fyr lighthouse, a beautiful architectural piece, you should do it soon, it’s predicted that it will disappear in the next fifteen years or so.

If you’re not in the mood of hunting for old lighthouses, you can admire the breathtaking view from Lønstrup Klint, eat delicious fresh fish, buy handmade jewellery or enjoy some time in one of the many art galleries around town. Besides, Lønstrup has the cutest cinema I’ve ever seen: little, blue and welcoming – so if you want to catch a movie that’s the place for you.

All in all, Lønstrup is lovely for a long weekend getaway and I’ve decided that next time I’ll go there, I must have my girls with me! If the weather is nice and we have the sea, there’s nothing that we’ll need!


DSC_0770DSC_0741DSC_0795DSC_0776 DSC_0786 DSC_0791 DSC_0794 One of the cutest cinemas I’ve ever seen – and it’s blue, like the sea.

DSC_0772 DSC_0792DSC_0748bybillede173-1024x576 bybillede171-1024x576

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