Weekends in the North

When you get an invitation to the North of Denmark, you don’t think about it, you don’t check your calendar – you say YES! Sunmmerhousing (Yes! I’ve transformed it into an activity) is a big part of Danish culture and most families have a cute summerhouse somewhere close to the coast. It’s their place of peace and quiet, where they come to enjoy sunny days at the beach or rainy days, indoors with lighted candles, wine and boardgames.

The Danish West coast is so beautiful, with charming little towns, stranded beaches and lovely summer houses. I’ve been summerhousing in the North of Denmark before, but not quite like this. Last weekend was so nice and so refreshing! The sea was close by, the sun was up ( at least for a while), the wine never ended and the company was to die for.

After a 6h long train-ride from Copenhagen and all the podcasts Garance Doré has ever published,  we arrived in Hjørring. Another short car ride and we made it to Løkken and to the cute village of summerhouses  that you can see in the photos. A delicious dinner was waiting for us and a bottle of rosé, the sun was setting and I couldn’t wait to go meet the sea. But more about this and the pretty finishing villages along the coast in another post.

Enjoy these photos and stay close !


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I’m wearing a MONKI blazer, a vintage dress and WOOD WOOD sunnies.

  • the red&white stripped top is from Moss Copenhagen.