West Side Story

Our berlinese trip was definitely one of the best trips we had in the last months, I think that only our trip to Paris last September can top it (well, Paris is Paris…forever in our hearts). The best part was seeing Ligia’s surprised face, hihihi me and Ana kept my coming a total surprise! After visiting some spots around the city with my good friend Rene as a guide, we decided to venture West in the last day.

The West of Berlin is very pretty and glam and almost spotless. A big contrast with the East side where we spent our first days. I’m not sure I would like to live West, it is a bit too pristine for my taste, but it makes a good location for outdoor shoots. We started the day (actually the afternoon, because we had to sleep some extra hours to recover from the previous night’s party) with a visit to Siegessaule or Goldelse (pet name given by Berliners, which means Golden Lizzy), or the Victory Column. If your legs and lungs can help you get to the top, climbing a million stairs all the way up, then I would say the 3€ fee is definitely worth it. The view on top is pretty amazing and Berlin in a sunny day is magic.

Sunny warm day, your girlfriends, incredible view over Berlin…What else could you wish for at the end of a great trip? Mmm, maybe a glass of prosecco will do, but it was pretty amazing as it was just us 3.


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