Why live in Denmark?

why I live in denmark

I always had a hard time answering this one. What is it about Denmark? And the answer always had something to do with social security, free healthcare, education etc. Pretty much the same reasons why Danes are crowned the happiest nation. But the truth is, it’s because of Fridays like these.

I finished work at 2:30 PM and left with a bag full of food, enough to feed me for this weekend at least. Not to be greedy, but I hate wasting food. Because there are always leftovers from lunch and we’re throwing it out anyways. I got home and found the HPV test kit I had previously during the week ordered (for free) online, waiting for me in my mailbox. Instructions, test, contact info, container, and pre-paid return bag included.

Went to have coffee with Ana and Sirid and spent 3 hours talking about everything and nothing. Made it to CPH DOX just in time to see Minding the Gap. Great one! Had a beer (raspberry flavored but still beer in my books) and a chat with the director afterward.

Passed by a Church on my way home and was surprised to see the door open and people coming in and out. Then I remembered about Church At Night. Didn’t know what it was, but I had seen it written somewhere once. Went in, sat down, and listened to an acoustic guitar player. In front of the altar, people were lying on huge bean bags. In a Church. On a Friday night. And there I was, 8 years after moving here, still amazed and impressed. And tipsy from one raspberry beer. Because some things, my low alcohol tolerance included, never change.

Of course, I biked to each of these places and it didn’t take me more than 10 min to get from one to another. And we are talking about a European capital city. So yeah, I’m here to stay I guess (for now); for the free healthcare, the great life-work balance, the wide bike lanes, the open-minded institutions. But mostly, for Fridays like these.

P.S. It is cold though. Amen!

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