WINTER SAVIOUR – oMoi! Skincare

Hello and Happy New Year! Finally, winter has arrived! After such a mild December, I was kind of longing for mittens and scarf and coat on top of a cardigan, on top of a thick sweater kind of weather. And now I got it! And I’m not complaining, as long as there’s sunshine. Like Danes say, there’s no such thing as bad weather, just inappropriate outfits. However, as much as I try to cover every possible inch of bare skin, my face still has to suffer.

Yup, we’re still biking, even though the temperatures go below zero, and the harsh weather and cold wind have a say in how my skin looks. A few weeks ago I starting using this miracle of a cream, made right here, in DK. Or skincare line, for the matter, as I’m using more of their products. The Neroli Face Cream is my skin saviour this winter. My skin type is normal to mixed, but it gets very dry during winter. So a combination to dry skin cream is perfect for this time of the year. It’s been a long while since I’ve only been using essential oils on my face, body and hair, and that’s why I wanted to write about this new discovery. The Neroli Face Cream, combines 7 essential oils, including my favourites, coconut, lavender and sweet almonds, plus vitamins E and A, keeping my skin moisturised and delaying age at the same time. I prefer applying it in the morning, as it is very light, easily absorbed and makes for a great make-up base.

And since we’re at that age where we start to question everything that we put in/on our bodies (hmm, that’s what she said?), knowing that oMoi! Skincare is free from silicones, paraben or artificial fragrances just makes the choice easier. If you try it out, you will notice that the smell is so different from other creams, it’s very plant-ish, natural, bringing up sweet memories of my grandmother and the creams she used when I was a child. Such a delight!

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