Your summer hair fix


When it comes to keeping our skin and hair healthy and beautiful, summer is one tricky season. We have shared a few weeks ago some tips on how to chose your SPF and how to keep your skin healthy when your lounging next to the pool. But you should know that same kind of attention needs to be paid to our hair in the summer. YES, sunscreen for your hair is a thing right now! 

I know I love my blonde highlights at the end of each August and I know you love yours too! But with this I also get dry ends, dehydrated, distressed and dull hair. Not to mention hair brushing is a pain. And all these short term effects lead to premature hair ageing (yes, our hair goes through an ageing process as well), which leads to hair loss, thinning of hair strands … simply said, you’ll have less hair.

Sun, salty sea water, pool water and sand are ruthless in the summer, so make sure you remember to hydrate your hair and protect it ! If your hair is dyed you should pay even more attention, because treated hair is more sensible and needs extra care.

So what you should look in hair products to protect your hair against the sun? 

Although the idea is the same, SPF of you hair is not the same as for your skin. The ingredients are not the same, so don’t use your sunscreen cream for your skin on your hair!  

I have been trying all kind of methods, such as: richer hair balm or leave in hair treatment and even covering my hair with a hat. All of them work at some degree, but they still don’t leave my hair the way I want it, which is tangle free, smooth and soft, without being greasy and heavy. There are now on the market sooooo many hair products which include SPF as well, so you’ll have plenty to choose from. Check on the label if the product is infused with UVA (long waves)  and UVB (short waves) filters – they will act as a shield against the sun.

Second thing to keep in mind is HYDRATION HYDRATION HYDRATION. In the summer your hair is thirsty, so make sure you drink a lot of water, but that you also use hair products that are moisturising.

And leave hot tools away. Your hair will thank you if you leave it to dry naturally.

I’ve been trying for almost one year hair products from Davines and they have product that I absolutely love – Oi Oil. DSC_0050DSC_0048

It’s a very light hair oil, which not only does the job, but also smells fantastic! I use it all year round, not only in the summer. It does not contain UVA/UVB filters, but is great as first aid hair fix all year round. It has anti-frizz, anti-oxidant effects, hydrates the hair really well and prevents hair ageing – so it’s actually what your hair needs in the summer when it’s most prone to damage! I use it on damp hair, a couple of drops distributed with my fingers on lengths and ends do the trick. I make sure I also apply it on dry hair everyday before I go out of the house, just to give that extra hydration to my hair for the day. It leaves my hair soft, tangle free and smooth. And again the smell is … mmmmm yum!


Hope this was helpful for some of you. Would love to hear how you keep your hair protected in the summer, so please share your tips!

Kisses and .. stay protected! 😛